Hard to find items from "Baker" "Swaim" "Stickley" "McGuire" "Alder & Co." and "Rose Tarlow."
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Now In Art

Here is a sampling of our pieces. Please use the email links below to see if they're still available, or check the website for new arrivals

CANVAS WITH GOLDEN HUES, YELLOW AND GRAYTitled "Cloudburst." Purchased from Third and Wall Art. Paid $3500. Measusres: 44 3/4" Dia. RW016. 100517.$1250.Email us about this piece.SET OF FOUR VINTAGE FASHION SKETCHESNicely framed and matted. Measure: 17"W x 21"H. RW015A-D. 100417.$495Email us about this piece.
ANTIQUE BOOKPLATE ENGRAVINGS OF UNDERSEA LIFENicely framed and matted. Set of three. Measures: 14 3/4"w x 17 1/2"H. RW014A-C.$410.Email us about this piece.'THOMAS WELLS' SIGNED & NUMBERED PRINT'Moshulu Leaving Puget Sound." 1970's. 398/500. RUH001. 090517.$250.Email us about this piece.
'LOIS KNUDSEN' SCULPTURE20th C. Stoneware and porcelain. *Neck glued on. Measures: 25"H x 21"L. KG016. 090717.$850.*Email us about this piece.'ROTHKO' SERIGRAPH CANVAS (Z GALLERIES)Silver framed, under glass. Measures: 35.5"W x 59"H. JH016. 090717.$125.Email us about this piece.
'EMIL KUHLMANN-REHER' ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGArtist 1886-1957. Titled: The Commentator. In German, signed, hand carved Baroque wood frame, gold leafed with grayish over wash. Measures: 49.5"W x 39.5"H. JIW002. 081717.$2,000. firmEmail us about this piece.'ROBERT EASTON' ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGTitled: Norwegian Fishing Village. Baroque, hand carved wood frame in gilt finish. Measures: 47.5"W x 33.5"H. JIW001. 081717.$2,000. firmEmail us about this piece.
LARGE GLASS ART PIECE SIGNED BY ARTISTPurchased in Palm Dessert. Comes with acrylic stand. 23"W x 21"D x 8"H. KG036. 072817.$510.Email us about this piece.ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING SEASCAPEGold frame. 32 1/4"W x 25 3/4"H. ED001. 072817.$225.Email us about this piece.
ORIGINAL OIL OF FISHERMAN IN CANOEGold frame. 41 3/4" x 29 1/2"H. ED002. 072817.$350.Email us about this piece.
CAMEROON FEATHER HEADDRESSCan be hung as art! 36"Dia$310Email us about this piece.
'LUDWIG G.SCHOSSMANN' ORIGINAL OIL"Loggers at Fourpoint" in rustic wood frame. Measures 35.5"W x 39.5"H. RBC001. 071817.$1,950Email us about this piece."MARVIN OLIVER" RED RAVEN GLASS ARTHand-blown glass art piece with water-cut fused images. Measures: 14-1/2" Dia. x 14-1/4"H$3,500.00Email us about this piece.
LARGE BEAUTIFULLY-FRAMED OIL PAINTINGRobed "Autumn" figure in heavy, ornate gold frame. Purchased at Baker, Knapp & Tubbs design studio. Measures 50"W x 62"H. KDB001061317.$3,500.00Email us about this piece.
HAND PAINTED ORIENTAL SCREENFolding four panel screen with autumn leaves on gold field. Each panel is 13 1/2", 54" extended by 35" high. TBA268. 032917.$295Email us about this piece.
'MARTIN BLANK' GLASS ARTBeautiful clear pink glass with opaque white swirl and multi color speckles sculpture. A "must see." Martin Blank worked with Chiluly Glass at one point in his career. His work is shown in galleries across the United States and also in the Millennium Museum in Beijing, the Shanghai Museum of Fine Arts and the American Embassy in Slovakia. Measures 19" X 19" X 10"H. RJ015, 030819.$1200.Email us about this piece."THE SKIER" BY CHARLES MC GOUGH ACRYLICOn Canvas and measuring: 57.5" W x 78.8" H. Signed and Dated 1969. Exact replica of Sports Illustrated Edition 1968 and depicts "Billy Kidd" winning a Slalom Gold Medal at Squaw Valley. Appraised at $5000. JCM001 021617$2995.Email us about this piece.
ORIGINAL PASTEL AND CHARCOAL DRAWINGOn watercolor paper. "Benjamina" portrait. 35 W X 54 H. Artist Herb Dubin information included. (JMD002072316)$695.00Email us about this piece.
RC GORMAN 1990 LITHOGRAPH#128/225. Signed, dated, numbered in pencil. Purchased in artist's Arizona gallery. Framed and matted. 53.5 W X 45.5 H. (IT025062816)$3,200.00Email us about this piece.
'SERENDIPITY SUITE' BY MICHAEL FLOHRLimited edition mixed media print, #44/195. Framed and matted. 23" W X 26" H. Certificate of Authenticity. (CD002A/B081016)$800/pairEmail us about this piece.
MICHAEL FLOHR 'MARTINI FOR ME' PRINTLimited edition mixed media numbered 165/195. Measures:
11" W X 14" H. Unframed. Certificate of Authenticity included. (CD001081016)
$340.00Email us about this piece.
VICTOR VASARELY SERIGRAPHSigned, numbered, framed. Reds and blacks. 42.5" W X 43.5" H. (TC004051316)$2,250.00Email us about this piece.
HAROLD ALTMAN "HYDE PARK 1982"Artist proof, signed, framed and matted. 36" W X 29" H. (GMR011042516)$499.00Email us about this piece.
"THOMAS WELLS SAILING PRINT"Moshulu leaving Puget Sound" signed/numbered print 113/500 CA 1974. Under glass in gold leafed frame with linen mat. Ship info on back of print. Measures: 30.5" x W x 24.5" H. LIB003 033116$350.Email us about this piece.