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Now In Art

Here is a sampling of our pieces. Please use the email links below to see if they're still available, or check the website for new arrivals

PAINTED ASIAN SCROLL WITH BIRDS, MAGNOLIA BLOSSOMS AND ROSESMeasures: 19"W, rod is 22.5"W, x 64"L. CF015. 092818.$250.Email us about this piece.'Z GALLERIE' SMOKE PAINTINGWired to be hung either horizontally or vertically. Measures: 40"W x 60"H. MC024. 100218.$310.Email us about this piece.
FREDERICK REMINGTON BRONZE 'CHEYENNE'Fine quality reproduction. Measures: 7.5"W x 3.5"D x 8.5"H. IT117. 091118.$160.Email us about this piece.'GORDON CHANDLER' WALL ARTKimono Fashioned from barrel rusted finish. Measures: 33.5"W x 4"D x 61.75"H. MC023. 100218.$1850.Email us about this piece.
LARGE SCALE ALPINE SCENE ORIGINAL OILAustrian artist, signed illegibly. Measures: 46"W x 34.5"H. TBA344. 091918.$310.Email us about this piece.
'ALOIS KALVODA' ORIGINAL OILNoted Czech landscape painter, 1875-91934. Winter scene of village with mountain backdrop in gold frame. Purchased in Prague in 2000. Measures: 30"W x 37"H. BB001. 080218.
$595.Email us about this piece.
19TH CENTURY ANTIQUE CHINESE 'EGLOMISO' ANCESTRAL REVERSE GLASS PAINTINGIn rosewood frame. Brass hardware at top. Measures: 27.75"H x 19.25"W. RYB001. 062818.$1100.Email us about this piece.
ORIGINAL OIL ON CANVAS 'ISLE OF JERSEY'Signed by artist "Tomas Cole' in ornate gold frame. Measures: 33"W x 29"H. ROC013. 062618.$450.Email us about this piece.
'HENDRIK BREEDVELD' DUTCH OIL DUCK CANVAS1918. Landscape in ornate gilded wood frame. Signed. Measures: 40.5"W x 30.5"H. HTT026. 051018.$3850.Email us about this piece.
'THOMAS HARRIS' UNTITLED DEEP GRAY ABSTRACTSigned, light cream matting with black frame. Measures: 17"Sq. DAG018. 052018.$160.Email us about this piece.
VIENNESE BOOKPLATE LITHOGRAPH, PLATE 9Old bookplate, double matted and framed. Measures: 20.75" W x 28"H. DAG017. 052018.$160.Email us about this piece.ORIGINAL ART BY MOROCCAN ARTISTMay be acrylic, framed, 1998. Measures: 21"W x 25"H. DAG013. 052018.$110.Email us about this piece.
SERENE WATER COLOR OF CHAIR AND TABLE BY BARBARA WARDMatted and framed, 1998. Measures: 32"W x 27"H. DAG020. 052018.$180.Email us about this piece.WATERCOLOR OF BOATS IN BLUE SEAMatted in blue with blonde frame. Purchased in Hvar, Croatia, 1998. Measures: 28.75"W x 21"H> DAG019. 052018.$210.Email us about this piece.
'AGRI CALLIGRAPHY' BY MARK ABRAMSONMatted and framed, ciba chrome, Ca. 1992. *Small crack in glass. Measures: 24"W x 19"H. DAG015. 052018.$110.Email us about this piece.'SUE NASH, SIGNED, TITLED: OLIWALU NAVIGATOR IIKoa wood frame with glass. Offset lithography. Measures: 27"W x 35'H. DAG022. 060118.$195.Email us about this piece.
'SUE NASH' ABSTRACT OF MAN KANE I, CA 1995Signed offset lithography, 66/250. Koa wood frame with glass. Measures: 28.5"W x 32 3/4"H. DAG021. 060118.$210.Email us about this piece.'LINDA CULLEN' VINTAGE BIRD PRINTSTwo signed and numbered. Framed and matted with glass. Measure: 16"Sq
132/250 "Ringnecks"
85/250 "Ruffs"
CAD010A/B. 060218.
$180. PairEmail us about this piece.
ORIENTAL FRAMED ART DUCKS IN PONDMeasures: 42.25"W x 35.25"H. REL007. 062318.$200.Email us about this piece.MATTED AND FRAMED PIECE WITH ENCLOSED ANTIQUE BLUE AND WHITE BOWLSMeasures: 13"W X 26.5"H. KM010. 042818.$295.Email us about this piece.
FRAMED DECORATIVE ART TULIPS ON CANVASMeasures: 30"W x 40"H. LW003. 050218.$195.Email us about this piece.LARGE AMBERDECORATIVE PLATE ON STANDPurchased at Masins (2006). Measures: 25" in diameter. Stand is 21" x 6". TK001. 050218.$395.Email us about this piece.
'MARGARET MINNICK' HORSE ON SWIVEL STANDSigned. Appraised in 2018 at $1000-1500. Measures: 20"W x 6.5"D x 15.5"H. RE007. 042418.$850.Email us about this piece.
'MAKOTO OUCHI' SIGNED AND NUMBERED ARTBeautifully framed in gilded antique finish with rose colored matte. Numbered 18/60. 1926-1989. Measures: 43"H x 28.5"W. RE008. 042418.$495.Email us about this piece.
'ANSEL ADAMS' 'CANYON de CHELY'Measures: 31.25"W x 25.25"H. Black frame. DIB003. 040318.$110Email us about this piece.'MARIO CESPEDES' 'COMMON BOND'Limited edition, signed and numbered. Measures: 29"H x 23.5"W. DIB006. 040318.$210Email us about this piece.
'DALHART WINDBERG' ' ROSEATE SHORELINE'Limited edition, signed print with Certificate of Authenticity. Measures: 33.25"W x 27"H. DIB001. 040318.$350Email us about this piece.'DIANE REINKE' ART 'SUMMER MIST'Signed with Certificate of Authenticity. Measures: 33"W x 29"H. DIB004. 040318.$250Email us about this piece.
'GENE KLEBE' VINTAGE ART 'SHIPWRECK YARD'Signed, with artist bio on back. Wood framed. Measures: 27"W x 20.5"H. Damage by moisture. DIB002. 040318.$140Email us about this piece.'ANTHONY WATKINS' 'CHINESE LANTERN' SIGNED PRINTMeasures: 37.5"W x 30"H. Frame, as found. DIB007. 040318.$250.Email us about this piece.
EUROPEAN PARK SCENEIllegibly signed, 138/375. Matted and framed, as found. Measures: 27"W x 23"H. DIB008. 040318.$250Email us about this piece.LARGE ART PIECE FROM 'MASINS FURNITURE' WITH PEAR AND GOLD AND CREAMIn gold frame. Measures: 54"H x 41"W. LEM001. 041218.$695Email us about this piece.
BLOWN GLASS ART BOWL, WHITE WITH REDIllegibly signed. #194. Measures: 19"W x 13.5"H. LM002. 011718.$300.Email us about this piece.'KING'S ARMS' ANTIQUE PUB SIGN, CA. 1890, ENGLISHPolychrome painted coat of arms inset, with hardware attachments. Michael Folks Showroom, list price $560. Measures: 33"W x 65"H. MF141. 011018.$300.Email us about this piece.
BUST OF DUTCH SCHOLAR, BELGIUM CA. 1890.From Michael Folks Showroom, list price $4760. Measures: 24"W x 16"D x 22"H. MF133. 011018.$1100.Email us about this piece.
'HIB SABIN' BRONZE 'RAVEN' 18/50New Mexican artist. Purchased in Bend, OR gallery ($1200). Measures: 9"H. DB002. 010718.$800.Email us about this piece.
'ITZCHAK TARKAY' COLOR SERIGGRAPH ON 'WOVE' PAPERPencil signed artist proof. Appraisal attached. Measures: 23"W x 21.5"H. KH001. 010218.$795.Email us about this piece.'ANATOLE KRASNYANSKY' 'RAPTURE' HAND HAMMERED RELIEFPewter on bronze. Signed in plate, lower left. From edition 150. See certificate of authenticity. Appraisal attached. Measures: 21.25" SQ. KH003. 010218.$1800.Email us about this piece.
VINTAGE SMALL RED CHINESE SIGNMeasures: 9.75"W x 27.5"H. MW008. 112517.$250.Email us about this piece.'STEPHEN TEDESCHI' ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGFramed and matted. Measures: 25.75"W x 21.75"H. SQ051. 102717.$495Email us about this piece.
"TETSURO SAWADA" SERIGRAPH 48/100Titled "Imprimus I." In black enamel frame with glass. Ca. 1986. Measures: 30.5" x 23.5"H. DH001102817.$395.00Email us about this piece.'THOMAS WELLS' SIGNED & NUMBERED PRINT'Moshulu Leaving Puget Sound." 1970's. 398/500. RUH001. 090517.$250.Email us about this piece.
ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING SEASCAPEGold frame. 32 1/4"W x 25 3/4"H. ED001. 072817.$225.Email us about this piece.ORIGINAL OIL OF FISHERMAN IN CANOEGold frame. 41 3/4" x 29 1/2"H. ED002. 072817.$350.Email us about this piece.
MICHAEL FLOHR 'MARTINI FOR ME' PRINTLimited edition mixed media numbered 165/195. Measures:
11" W X 14" H. Unframed. Certificate of Authenticity included. (CD001081016)
$340.00Email us about this piece.