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Now In Art

Here is a sampling of our pieces. Please use the email links below to see if they're still available, or check the website for new arrivals

WALLHANGING BY DAN WARD, SAN DIEGO ARTIST, 1989From "Fragments" collection. Signed. Neutral tones with charcoal. Measures: 41"W x 69"H on 52" rod. BEF011. 052219.$210.Email us about this piece.FRAMED DECORATIVE BOOK PLATEMeasures: 30.5"W x 41"H. RC012. 061319.$210.Email us about this piece.
'B.J. DOLLAHITE' ATMOSPHERIC PAINTINGWatercolor collage in pastel tones. 2014. Measures: 48"W x 36"H. KRD002. 121818.$1200.Email us about this piece.PSYCHE BRONZE BUSTOn 3" integrated base. Measures: 13"H. BEF003. 051519.$895.Email us about this piece.
PAIR FOO DOGS IN CERAMIC9"W x 18"D x 21.5"H. AB002A/B. 050819.$495. pairEmail us about this piece.
FRAMED ACRYLIC PAINTING ON BOARDBy Portland Artist. Measures: 30"W x 24"H. AB003. 050819.$340/Email us about this piece.
'JOAN MIRO' AQUATINT ETCHINGS SIGNED AND NUMBERED XV AND XXV"Mallorca Series" in black and white. In ornately carved silver frames and under acrylic glazing. Measure: 46"W x 39"H. HTT067A/B. 030119.$4200. eachEmail us about this piece.
'LIZ KELLER' PAINTING IN OILS 'BREAKING DAWN' SEASCAPEMuted browns, black and gray. Signed by local NW artist. Purchased 2014 at the Seattle Design Center thru J. Garner Home. Original price was $1600. Picture of painting on artist website. Measures: 48" x 60". LOM001. 031619.$950.Email us about this piece.
'FLORENCE O'KEEFE' ORIGINAL OIL OF DUCKSGilded frame. Measures: 12"W x 10"H. HTT085. 030519.$240.Email us about this piece.
'T. JAMES' ORIGINAL OIL ON CANVAS OF SAILING SHIPSGilt wood frame with black velvet inset. Measures: 15"W x 13"H. HTT170. 030619.$310.Email us about this piece.
'LEO ADAMS' ORIGINAL PAINTING1994. Framed and matted. Measures: 59"W x 44"H. DOH002. 022819.$3500.Email us about this piece.'ANN PRATT' 'A BOTANICAL STUDY'Tinted wood engravings, framed. Each measures: 20.5"W x 24.5"H. Set of 4. HTT167A-D. 030619.$1550. setEmail us about this piece.
'DE KOONING' ORIGINAL LITHOGRAPHNumbered limited edition, 11/60, under glass with black and silver mats. Ornate silver leafed frame.* Measures: 37"W x 43"H. HTT179. 030619. *Slight wear on frame.$3000.Email us about this piece.'GEORGE DOUGLAS BREWERTON' ORIGINAL PASTEL WATER LANDSCAPEIn ornate frame with pewter finish. Artist is George Douglas Brewerton, well known landscape artist. 1827-1901. Measures: 45"W x 32.5"H. BRB003. 020619.$2350.Email us about this piece.
CHARMING ORIGINAL ART BIRDS AND BIRDCAGESIn gold frame, artist unknown. Measures: 35" x 35". FM005. 012219.$450.Email us about this piece.
'DAVID SMITH' ORIGINAL OIL LANDSCAPEON CANVASIn heavy gold frame. Well known artist. Purchased in Carmel for $10K. BRB002. 020619.$3750.Email us about this piece.
VINTAGE OIL PAINTING OF THREE MUSES ON CANVASIn heavy antique gold frame. Artist signature not visible. Measures: 40" x 34.5"H. BRB001. 020619.$2495.Email us about this piece.
'DONALD FELS' LARGE ABSTRACT ARTTitled "Grecian Yearn" tempera with enamel framed under plexiglass. Measures: 50" x 52". MRP042. 011919.$700.Email us about this piece.
'LADY LUCK' SIGNED ILLEGIBLY 'MARY HEEBNER/1984'Collage under plexiglass frame (*frame has some damage at seams). Measures: 37" x 55". MRP002. 012919.$950.Email us about this piece.'SEIKICHI TAKARA' LIMITED EDITION SERIGRAPHTitled 'Odyssey" ca. 1989 in black lacquer frame (*some chipping on lacquer). Measures: 3'8" x 4'2". MRP001. 012919.$910.Email us about this piece.
VINTAGE ART CHARMING SEATED GIRL WITH DOVESUnder glass in vintage gold frame. Signed illegibly. Measures: 30"W x 38"H> BRB004. 020619.$810.Email us about this piece.'GORDON CHANDLER' WALL ARTKimono Fashioned from barrel rusted finish. Measures: 33.5"W x 4"D x 61.75"H. MC023. 100218.$1850.Email us about this piece.
VIENNESE BOOKPLATE LITHOGRAPH, PLATE 9Old bookplate, double matted and framed. Measures: 20.75" W x 28"H. DAG017. 052018.$160.Email us about this piece.ORIGINAL ART BY MOROCCAN ARTISTMay be acrylic, framed, 1998. Measures: 21"W x 25"H. DAG013. 052018.$110.Email us about this piece.
SERENE WATER COLOR OF CHAIR AND TABLE BY BARBARA WARDMatted and framed, 1998. Measures: 32"W x 27"H. DAG020. 052018.$180.Email us about this piece.'AGRI CALLIGRAPHY' BY MARK ABRAMSONMatted and framed, ciba chrome, Ca. 1992. *Small crack in glass. Measures: 24"W x 19"H. DAG015. 052018.$110.Email us about this piece.
'SUE NASH, SIGNED, TITLED: OLIWALU NAVIGATOR IIKoa wood frame with glass. Offset lithography. Measures: 27"W x 35'H. DAG022. 060118.$195.Email us about this piece.'SUE NASH' ABSTRACT OF MAN KANE I, CA 1995Signed offset lithography, 66/250. Koa wood frame with glass. Measures: 28.5"W x 32 3/4"H. DAG021. 060118.$210.Email us about this piece.
'LINDA CULLEN' VINTAGE BIRD PRINTSTwo signed and numbered. Framed and matted with glass. Measure: 16"Sq
132/250 "Ringnecks"
85/250 "Ruffs"
CAD010A/B. 060218.
$180. PairEmail us about this piece.
MATTED AND FRAMED PIECE WITH ENCLOSED ANTIQUE BLUE AND WHITE BOWLSMeasures: 13"W X 26.5"H. KM010. 042818.$295.Email us about this piece.
'MARGARET MINNICK' HORSE ON SWIVEL STANDSigned. Appraised in 2018 at $1000-1500. Measures: 20"W x 6.5"D x 15.5"H. RE007. 042418.$850.Email us about this piece.'ANATOLE KRASNYANSKY' 'RAPTURE' HAND HAMMERED RELIEFPewter on bronze. Signed in plate, lower left. From edition 150. See certificate of authenticity. Appraisal attached. Measures: 21.25" SQ. KH003. 010218.$1800.Email us about this piece.
VINTAGE SMALL RED CHINESE SIGNMeasures: 9.75"W x 27.5"H. MW008. 112517.$250.Email us about this piece.'STEPHEN TEDESCHI' ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGFramed and matted. Measures: 25.75"W x 21.75"H. SQ051. 102717.$495Email us about this piece.
"TETSURO SAWADA" SERIGRAPH 48/100Titled "Imprimus I." In black enamel frame with glass. Ca. 1986. Measures: 30.5" x 23.5"H. DH001102817.$395.00Email us about this piece.ORIGINAL OIL OF FISHERMAN IN CANOEGold frame. 41 3/4" x 29 1/2"H. ED002. 072817.$350.Email us about this piece.