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Here is a sampling of our pieces. Please use the email links below to see if they're still available, or check the website for new arrivals

'NANCY CORZINE' OBELISK LAMPSPair has parchment shades with sterling silver stenciling. Paid $3400. Measusre: 36"H x 22"W. DLM056A-B. 120917.$950 pairEmail us about this piece.'ROOM & BOARD' 'ADRIANA' SIX ARM CHRYSTALCHANDELIERComes with two sets of 6.5" shades, six cream and six black. Measures: 32"W x 22"H. Retail price: $1299. CNP001.110717.$650.Email us about this piece.
'MARBRO' PORCELAIN HANDPAINTED SONGBIRD LAMPSPair have beige silk shades and dust covers. On beautiful brass bases. Measure: 36"H x 16"W. BAG022A-B. 112117.$1695. pairEmail us about this piece.ELEPHANT LAMP TORCHIEREMeasures: 75"H x 18"W. AM014. 112217.$310.Email us about this piece.
WALNUT MID CENTURY HANGING LAMPOn wooden circle chain. Measures: 22"H x 12"W. JB004. 110317.$550Email us about this piece.PAPER SHADED ORIENTAL LAMPFrom Honeychurch Antiques. Shade slides around to reveal inside bulb area. Measures: 26"H x 13.25"W. DH003. 102817.$510Email us about this piece.
TIFFANY STYLE STAINED GLASS SHADED TABLE LAMPMetal base and four sockets. Measures: 18"W x 23"H. JR025. 101417.$450.Email us about this piece.TABLE LAMP HAND PAINTED PORCELAINHas metal base. Measures: 18"W x 26"H. JR013. 101417.$410.Email us about this piece.
AQUA SHAGREEN LAMPS WITH SQUARE WHITE SHADESFrom 'Great Jones Home.' Measure: 28"H x 15"SQ shade. *Some damage on shades. CB001A/B. 101817.$795. paiarEmail us about this piece.
MERCURY GLASS LAMPSThe pair has charcoal shades and glass finials. Purchased at 'Great Jones Home.' Measure: 26"H. CB002A/B. 101817.$395. pairEmail us about this piece.
TALL ORIENTAL LAMPSPleated linen shades and brass feet. Measure: 18"W x 34"H. BBP005A/B. 091417.$750.Email us about this piece.
BLACK FLOOR LAMP WITH FAUX SNAKE SKIN SHADEMeasures: 58.5"H. SQ045. 091717.$75.Email us about this piece.
IRON CHANDELIER BLACK FRAME AND CRYSTALNine arms and six lighted, three with decorative finials. Measures: Apx 30"H x 20"Dia. GF010. 071817.$950.Email us about this piece.LARGE ITALIAN REGENCY STYLE CHANDELIERIron with crystal. Measures: 36"H x 31"W. GF009. 071817.$3100.Email us about this piece.
VINTAGE BRASS CHANDELIER WITH FLORAL MOTIFFour center bulbs and three arms. Line switch. Apx 3"H x 20"Dia. GF011. 071817.$950.Email us about this piece.ANTIQUE EMPIRE STYLE CRYSTAL CHANDELIERBrass Frame. Measures: Apx 21"H x 14"dia. GF012. 071817.$410.Email us about this piece.
'FINE ART LIGHTING' ACANTHUS LEAF GOLD WASHED PAIR OF SCONCESMeasure: 13"H x 11"W. RT010A/B. 082617.$310.Email us about this piece.
METAL LAMP WITH CIRCLE MOTIFLine switch and linen shade. From SDC. Measures: 28"H. ELB008. 081617.$110.Email us about this piece.
'CHAPMAN LIGHTING' BRASS HURRICANE LAMPSBlown glass covers. Ca. 1973. Measures: 9"W x 21"H. JH012A/B. 83017.$850. Pair.Email us about this piece.
'POTTERY BARN' LAMPS (PAIR)Glass on metal base, beige linen shades. Measure 27.5"H. LPR019A/B. 82217.$595.Email us about this piece.
LAMPS IN MEDIEVAL STYLE WITH METAL BASE (PAIRLinen shades. 26.5"H. DLM051. 082417.$410.Email us about this piece.'RALPH LAUREN' ROARK MODULAR RING CHANDELIER30"D x 21.5"H. Aged iron finish. Retail $1320. HG002. 082317.$810.Email us about this piece.
TERRA COTTA LAMP WITH GLAZED RIMGreen glazed rim, metal base and linen shade. Measures: 25"H. ELB007. 081617.$395.Email us about this piece.
URN LAMPS WITH PLATINUM FINISHPair has tan shades with platinum border. From Ebanista showroom, SDC. Measure: 30"H. ELB010A/B. 081617.$625. pairEmail us about this piece.
GLASS LAMP ON METAL BASELinen shade. From Seattle Design Center. Measures: 30"H. ELB009. 081617$310.Email us about this piece.'WILDWOOD' BRASS LAMPCream silk shade on black plinth. 28.5"H. KW111. 080217.$395.Email us about this piece.
VINTAGE ORIENTAL GINGER JAR LAMPOn lovely oriental wood base with pleated cream shade. 27"H. KW113. 080217.$310.Email us about this piece.MID CENTURY BRASS LAMPS ON BLACK METAL BASESBlack linen shades. 29.5"H. KW112A/B. 080217.$510. pairEmail us about this piece.
BRASS LAMP WITH ORIENTAL BASEBlack linen shade. 28.5"H. KW109. 080217.$350.Email us about this piece.'MILO' CONTEMPORARY FLOOR LAMPChrome and metal base, cream vinyl shade. 18'Dia x 66"H. MC004. 071217.$250.Email us about this piece.
CERAMIC HAND PAINTED LAMP WITH COUNTRY MOTIFWood plinth and toast colored linen shade. 30.5"H. KW116. 0080217.$310.Email us about this piece.MID CENTURY OXBLOOD LAMP ON WOOD BASELarge cream silk shade. 33"H. KW115. 080217.$410.Email us about this piece.
GINGER JAR LAMP WITH WOOD PLINTHPleated cream silk shade. 3l"H. KW114. 080217.$295.Email us about this piece.'TIFFANY' STYLE 20TH CENTURY LAMPSome glass pieces have cracked. As found. 22.5"H x 16"W. JK001. 072717.$410.Email us about this piece.
'CHAPMAN' HAMMERED COPPER LAMPBlack Shade. Measures 27"H. DAG011. 080117.$510.Email us about this piece.
"DONGHIA' PAIR TABLE LAMPSHollow handblown venetian glass in cognac color with sandblasted surface. Matching finial and 'Donghia' white fabric shades. Paid $3,000. 30.5"H MC005A/B. 071217.$1,850 pairEmail us about this piece.
ANTIQUE WATER JAR LAMPMade into lamp, with shade. 23"W x 28"H. KG004. 072217.$510Email us about this piece.
GLAZED BLACK CERAMIC ORIENTAL LAMPS (PAIR)Gold base with pagoda-shaped silk shades. 29"H. PMR001A/B. 062817.$610. pairEmail us about this piece.
BLACK LACQUER LAMPWith Mother-of-Pearl motif, Lucite base and linen drum shade. From Michael Folks Showroom, Seattle Design Center. 31"H. MF087. 061317.$895.Email us about this piece."VISUAL COMFORT" 'GRANDE DIEGO' FRENCH STYLE HANGING LANTERNClassical French style with birds. Rust finish. Retails $1,175. From Michael Folks Showroom, Seattle Design Center. 25"H. MF082. 061317.$695.Email us about this piece.
"CHAPMAN" HANGING STREET LIGHTWith reflector and antique natural zinc and brass. Retails $2,275. From Michael Folks Showroom, Seattle Design Center. 18"Dia x 20"H. MF092. 061317.$1,100.Email us about this piece."CHAPMAN" CARVED SOLD BRASS CHANDELIERSix light chandelier in antique brass finish. 3l.5"Dia x 37.5"H. From Michael Folks Showroom, Seattle Design Center. Retail price is $4,505. MF088. 061417.$1,200.Email us about this piece.
ARANCIA ORANGE CLAUDIG LAMPWith gold base and gold trimmed white drum shade. 30"H. From Michael Folks Showroom, Seattle Design Center. $510Email us about this piece.AUTUMN STRIPES FLASK LAMPWith gold base and gold trimmed white drum shade. 3l"H. From Michael Folks Showroom, Seattle Design Center. MF084. 061317.$550.Email us about this piece.
INDIGO BLUE FLASK LAMPWith gold base and gold trimmed white drum shade. 31"h. From Michael Folks Showroom, Seattle Design Center. MF085. 061317.$550.Email us about this piece.LAVENDER MIRABELLA LAMPWith a silver base and white drum shade with silver bands. 33"H. From Michael Folks Showroom, Seattle Design Center. MF086. 061317.$510Email us about this piece.
NAVY OCTAGONAL LAMPOn a gold wood base with a white drum shade. 29"H. From Michael Folks Showroom, Seattle Design Center. MF086. 061317.$510Email us about this piece."CHAPMAN" LAMPS, PAIRAntique brass and black marble base and square silk shade. 35"H. From Michael Folks Showroom, Seattle Design Center. MF087A/B. 061317.$1,250 pairEmail us about this piece.
EIGHT ARM BRONZE FINISH CHANDELIERLeaf detailing and gold amber crystal beads. Measures 31"H. AWS001. 042717.$425.Email us about this piece.PAIR OF YELLOW/ORANGE CHINESE VASE LAMPSWith being linen shades and custom wood bases. Measure: 35"H x 18"W. BDW045051717.$795.00 pairEmail us about this piece.
VINTAGE 10-ARM HEAVY BRASS FOLIATE-DESIGN CHANDELIERWith matte black finish on base of frame and vintage black candle covers. Upward sweeping leaf design above arms. Measures: 29"W x 20"H. LBF001051817.$795.00Email us about this piece.
"BRONZE DORE" CHANDELIER large with 15 Arms and oversized cut vintage crystals and gorgeous Bronze frame. Measures: 36" Dia and 28" H. WD001 042217$2850.Email us about this piece.
COLONIAL-STYLE BEAUTIFUL BRASS 15-ARM CHANDELIERLovely with or without black shades. Measures: 36"Dia x 34-1/2"H. (No cap or chain) KW096042417.$2,550.00Email us about this piece.
SILVER-LEAFED IRON 8-ARM CHANDELIERWith multicolored decorative fruits, clear "rosary" beads and bobeches on candlewicks. Measures: 40"H x 33"W. RCW003042017.$1,450.00Email us about this piece.
'ROBB & STUCKEY" LAMPSPair beautiful metal Moroccan motif base with linen shades. Great finials. 28"H. MAB005A/B. 042417.$650Email us about this piece.'CHAPMAN' SOLID BRASS LAMPS WITH BLACK ACCENTSPair of solid brass lamps, with black accent columns, white silk linen shades and lyre finials. 32"H. KMS 014 A/B$850Email us about this piece.
"RALPH LAUREN" TRIPOD FLOOR LAMPin black finish with highly polished chrome accents finished with a Cream linen shade. Measures: 24 3/4" x 67" H. In like new condition with Tags. PB001 032417$795. Email us about this piece.
"SCHONBEK" 9-ARM CHANDELIERBlack and gold accents with crystals. From "Renaissance Collection." Measures: 25-1/2"W x 30"H. LOD001010917.$1,850.00Email us about this piece.
ITALIAN CERAMIC JUG-SHAPED LAMPWith yellow and blue motif. Matching finial and dark blue shade. Measures 28"H. CSC004083016$610.00Email us about this piece.
ANTIQUE BLACK WROUGHT IRON CHANDELIERWith 6 lights and leaf motif. Measures: 25"Dia. x 19"H. JDG010091516.$495.00Email us about this piece.
SPECIAL BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN LAMPWith wood carved base and lid to connect base with stem. Custom red silk shade (a few spots on shade). Measures: 23"H. CSC002083016.$695.00 as foundEmail us about this piece.IVORY PORCELAIN ORIENTAL LAMPIvory-color porcelain oriental lamp with crackle glaze, wood base and double sockets. Oyster silk shade. (Some shredding on shade lining). Measures 22"H. CSC003.
$495.00Email us about this piece.
'RON JESSE' CHANDELIEROval eight light, stain nickel finish, from J. Garner Home, Seattle Design Center. New sample, list price $8,883.00 (JAG011060716)$1,350.00Email us about this piece.BARBARA COSGROVE TABLE LAMPGunmetal matte tole shade. 35" H. (SHL001051216)$595.00Email us about this piece.
ASIAN STYLE LAMPBronze base, silk shade. (TBA179080915)$300.00Email us about this piece.
RESTORATION HARDWARE FLOORLAMPBronze finished base, pleated shade. 62" H. (LIN027B040616)$210.00Email us about this piece.
SILVER SWIRL LAMPFrom Michael Folks showroom. Round shade. (MF024082715)$450.00Email us about this piece.Lamp - Green Ceramic Oriental StyleSilk shade. 33" H. (COM003051915)$350.00Email us about this piece.