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Here is a sampling of our pieces. Please use the email links below to see if they're still available, or check the website for new arrivals

'FREDERICK COOPER' CARAMEL SPECKLED POTTERY LAMPSOn brown wood base with beige linen pleated shade. Measure: 33"H x 21"W. TBA346. 092818.$495. pairEmail us about this piece.'ARTEMIDE' 'TIZIO' PAIR WEIGHTED BLACK TABLE LAMPSMeasure: 37"H. MC012A/B. 093018.$395.Email us about this piece.
BLACK 'CONTI' INDUSTRIAL STYLE PAIR LAMPSMeasure: 27"H. Minor damage. MC013A/B. 092918.$175.Email us about this piece.VINTAGE 'MARBRO' MURANO GLASS LAMPEmerald green shaft, black/gold base, with finial, line switch and double sockets. No shade. Measures: 44.5"H x 8"Dia. NF001. 092818.$1150.Email us about this piece.
'KARTELL' 'BOURGIE' GOLD LAMPSPair. Measure: 30"H. Retail for $1970. MC015A/B. 092818. $975.Email us about this piece.VINTAGE 'MARBRO' GREEN FOLIATE DESIGN LAMPCrackle glazed gold ceramic base with finial and double socket. No shade. Measures 41"H x 8.5"Dia. NF002. 100118.$920.Email us about this piece.
'BAKER' PAIR SILVER BEADS TABLE LAMPSWith coordinating shades. Measure: 25"H. MM018A/B.$1200. pairEmail us about this piece.'NANCY CORZINE' MURANO SILVER SPHERE TABLE LAMPSPair has coordinating drum shades. Measure: 29.5"H. Retail for $4K. MM042A/B. 0080718.$1950.Email us about this piece.
RUSTIC PAIR LAMPS CONVERTED FROM CERAMIC JUGSWith woven surround and linen shades. Measure: 29.50"H. IT108A/B. 072518.$450. pairEmail us about this piece.
'J. ROBERT SCOTT' MARTIN TWIST FLOOR LAMPWith coordinating shade, silver finish. Retails for $5616. Measures 62"H. MM006. 080818.$1650.Email us about this piece.
'BAKER' CRYSTAL BALL FLOOR LAMPMeasures: 66.5"H. Retails for $3K. MM128. 080718.$1200.Email us about this piece.ANTIQUE JAPANESE LAMP WITH MARKAsian motif with wood base and top. *No shade or harp or finial. Measures: 19"H. MAP006. 061918.$110.Email us about this piece.
TALL PAIR OF LAMPS MADE FROM ANTIQUE COLUMNSSquare base. Converted to lamps by Hansens with double sockets, finials. No shades. Measure: 11.25"W at base x 73"H. GGJ002A/B. 051518.$595. PairEmail us about this piece.ORIENTAL DESIGN METAL BASE CONVERTED TO LARGE LAMPCream shade, double socket and line switch. Measures: 39"H. REL001. 062318.$750.Email us about this piece.
'ARCOBALENO' BLACK ENAMELED DESK LAMPBy Marco Zotta for Cil Roma. Ca 1970's. Mid century classic! Measures: 3.5"W x 16"D x 15.5"H. JA002/ 051718.$950.Email us about this piece.ORIENTAL CERAMIC LAMP WITH ORANGE, RUST AND GRAYOn wood base, jade finial and silk shade. Measures: 23"H. JZ001. 052018.$310.Email us about this piece.
RARE VINTAGE ALABASTER TABLE LAMPSUrn shaped with rectangular white linen shades. Beautiful veins in the alabaster and with alabaster finials. Rewired. Measure: 32"H x 18"W. LAB002A-B. 050818.$1250. Pair.Email us about this piece.
LAMP WITH BLUE/BEIGE GINGER JAR CERAMIC BODYOn a wooden base. Oriental motifs. White linen shade. Measures: 29"H x 19"W. KW125. 042418.$495.Email us about this piece.
'GENESIS' SCHONBEK 8 ARM CHANDELIERLovely bronze antique finish with centerpiece. Colored jeweltone rock crystals. Center ball is solid rock clear crystal. Certificate of authenticity. Measures: 30"H x 24"Dia. MIP001. 041718.$1,495.Email us about this piece.
CELADON LAMP WITH RAISED DRAGON PATTERNWith double handles on rosewood base and silk pagoda shade. Brass Asian finial. Measures: 27"H. TBA294.$375.Email us about this piece.
'RESTORATION HARDWARE' PAIR ADJUSTABLE LAMPSWith swing arms, dark bronze finish and ecru linen shade. Measure: 32"H. SHR005A/B. 032818.$495. pairEmail us about this piece.ITALIAN REGENCY STYLE LARGE CHANDELIERIron with crystal. Measures: 36"H x 31"W. GF009. 071817.$3100.Email us about this piece.
CONTEMPRARY CHANDELIER PURCHASED AT 'VERTIBLES'Six arms, metal frame in silver/gold washed finish, amber tear drop crystals. Approximately 34"H x 24"Dia. LZA001. 022018.$950.Email us about this piece.'TIFFANY' STYLE 20TH C. LAMP WITH GLASS PANELS ON BASE AND SHADEMeasures: 23"H. JK001. 110617.$410Email us about this piece.
'IRONWARE INTERNATIONAL' 'ODETTE' SIX LIGHT CHANDELIERFrom France. Hand forged by master blacksmith, hammered surface, 4" ivory paper sleeves, standard mounting. 60 watts maximum. Measure: 32"Dia x 32"H. Retail price is $3465. BH001. 010918.$950.Email us about this piece.
CANDLESTICK LAMPS WITH PAINTED BASESDecorative pair with gold accents and great finials. Pagoda shades. Measure: 38"H. CV007A/B. 020218.$450. pairEmail us about this piece.
VENETIAN HAND BLOWN GLASS CHANDELIERSix clear glass arms; tulip covers, gourd shaped center and ceiling cap of red, gold, black glass. Paid $5500 at Schoeners in 2006. Measures: 48"Dia x 19"H. GWN001. 013118.$2950.Email us about this piece.
'ROOM & BOARD' 'ADRIANA' SIX ARM CHRYSTALCHANDELIERComes with two sets of 6.5" shades, six cream and six black. Measures: 32"W x 22"H. Retail price: $1299. CNP001.110717.$650.Email us about this piece.
ELEPHANT LAMP TORCHIEREMeasures: 75"H x 18"W. AM014. 112217.$310.Email us about this piece.WALNUT MID CENTURY HANGING LAMPOn wooden circle chain. Measures: 22"H x 12"W. JB004. 110317.$550Email us about this piece.
PAPER SHADED ORIENTAL LAMPFrom Honeychurch Antiques. Shade slides around to reveal inside bulb area. Measures: 26"H x 13.25"W. DH003. 102817.$510Email us about this piece.TABLE LAMP HAND PAINTED PORCELAINHas metal base. Measures: 18"W x 26"H. JR013. 101417.$410.Email us about this piece.
SMALL ITALIAN REGENCY STYLE CHANDELIERIron with crystal. Measures: Apx 30"H x 20"Dia. GF010. 071817.$950.Email us about this piece.VINTAGE BRASS CHANDELIER WITH FLORAL MOTIFFour center bulbs and three arms. Line switch. Apx 3"H x 20"Dia. GF011. 071817.$950.Email us about this piece.
'FINE ART LIGHTING' ACANTHUS LEAF GOLD WASHED PAIR OF SCONCESMeasure: 13"H x 11"W. RT010A/B. 082617.$310.Email us about this piece.
LAMPS IN MEDIEVAL STYLE WITH METAL BASE (PAIRLinen shades. 26.5"H. DLM051. 082417.$410.Email us about this piece.
TERRA COTTA LAMP WITH GLAZED RIMGreen glazed rim, metal base and linen shade. Measures: 25"H. ELB007. 081617.$395.Email us about this piece.GLASS LAMP ON METAL BASELinen shade. From Seattle Design Center. Measures: 30"H. ELB009. 081617$310.Email us about this piece.
'WILDWOOD' BRASS LAMPCream silk shade on black plinth. 28.5"H. KW111. 080217.$395.Email us about this piece.'MILO' CONTEMPORARY FLOOR LAMPChrome and metal base, cream vinyl shade. 18'Dia x 66"H. MC004. 071217.$250.Email us about this piece.
CERAMIC HAND PAINTED LAMP WITH COUNTRY MOTIFWood plinth and toast colored linen shade. 30.5"H. KW116. 0080217.$310.Email us about this piece.GINGER JAR LAMP WITH WOOD PLINTHPleated cream silk shade. 3l"H. KW114. 080217.$295.Email us about this piece.
BLACK LACQUER LAMPWith Mother-of-Pearl motif, Lucite base and linen drum shade. From Michael Folks Showroom, Seattle Design Center. 31"H. MF087. 061317.$895.Email us about this piece."CHAPMAN" CARVED SOLID BRASS CHANDELIERSix light chandelier in antique brass finish. 3l.5"Dia x 37.5"H. From Michael Folks Showroom, Seattle Design Center. Retail price is $4,505. MF088. 061417.$1,200.Email us about this piece.
ARANCIA ORANGE CLAUDIG LAMPWith gold base and gold trimmed white drum shade. 30"H. From Michael Folks Showroom, Seattle Design Center. $510Email us about this piece.AUTUMN STRIPES FLASK LAMPWith gold base and gold trimmed white drum shade. 3l"H. From Michael Folks Showroom, Seattle Design Center. MF084. 061317.$550.Email us about this piece.
INDIGO BLUE FLASK LAMPWith gold base and gold trimmed white drum shade. 31"h. From Michael Folks Showroom, Seattle Design Center. MF085. 061317.$550.Email us about this piece.LAVENDER MIRABELLA LAMPWith a silver base and white drum shade with silver bands. 33"H. From Michael Folks Showroom, Seattle Design Center. MF086. 061317.$510Email us about this piece.
NAVY OCTAGONAL LAMPOn a gold wood base with a white drum shade. 29"H. From Michael Folks Showroom, Seattle Design Center. MF086. 061317.$510Email us about this piece.EIGHT ARM BRONZE FINISH CHANDELIERLeaf detailing and gold amber crystal beads. Measures 31"H. AWS001. 042717.$425.Email us about this piece.
IVORY PORCELAIN ORIENTAL LAMPIvory-color porcelain oriental lamp with crackle glaze, wood base and double sockets. Oyster silk shade. (Some shredding on shade lining). Measures 22"H. CSC003.
$495.00Email us about this piece.
'RON JESSE' CHANDELIEROval eight light, stain nickel finish, from J. Garner Home, Seattle Design Center. New sample, list price $8,883.00 (JAG011060716)$1,350.00Email us about this piece.
SILVER SWIRL LAMPFrom Michael Folks showroom. Round shade. (MF024082715)$450.00Email us about this piece.